SUMMIT #3 YEAH!!!!!!!!

I have to say this was the hardest.  The mountain looked beautiful from our home my wife said, but it was the coldest and windiest it has ever been.  I was standing on the windy summit for 5 minutes on last Thursday at 6am and it was a beautiful sight.  It was so clear we could see Mt Jefferson in Central Oregon.  I will finish up with photos.ImageImageImage

I can’t believe climb #4 is already here and “Climb 4 Kids” #2

Here we go again!  It is very exciting not only to climb again, but to have 3 other climbers with me as we “Climb 4 Kids”.  Jack, Allen, and Daniel are climbing with me and we are all doing a great job raising support for orphans in Guatemala and the poverty stricken village of Rodeo de Jalapa.  You can go to my business website and click on our non-profit tab Merry Hearts and see a couple videos and photos of my recent trip to Guatemala and see the progress.

My progress for getting in shape was definietely less than past years but had a great training up Mt Si in less than 2 hours with 40 lbs on my back.  That has got me to the summit everytime.  I pray for great weather which looks like we have, believe it or not I hope it is not too hot!

We go up this Tuesday the 9th and will summit around 7am on Thursday and be back in my car around 4pm.  I’ll post with photos when we get back.

Thanks for your prayers, it’s always fun but NEVER easy.


April 22, 2013 had a great work out day. I ran 2 miles on the elliptical with an incline of 15 and a resistence of 10 with my 35 lb backpack on.  Each mile was just over 10 minutes.  After that I walked to 5 miles to my daughter Sophia’s game with my backpack on.  After the game I went and got a much appreciated massage.  I still feel behind after being sick for 2 weeks but will be cautious but keep pushing.  It’s crunch time and exciting all at the same time.  I am glad to say that all my other climbers are ahead of me in training and I look forward to standing on the summit with them Thursday morning about 7am on July 11.

“Climb 4 Kids 2013” Here we come!!!!!

Well unfortunately my training began over 2 months ago but I got very sick for almost 3 weeks which NRVER happens and has put me a little behind schedule but I am now working out twice a day to catch up. I am feeling pretty good and climbing before has been a great help. I have 3 others climbing with me this year raising funds for Merry Hearts andI am so excited about the huge impact we will make this year to Kids and for what we have already been able to do especially in Guatemala. I should finally have Merry Hearts website up in a week or two but for now you can go to and click on the Merry Hearts tab and see the videos I was able to do while I was there last month at the progress we have been able to accomplish. Good-Bye for now and I will keep you posted on my workouts and how the process is coming along. Thank You Jack Teboda, Allen Jones, and Daniel Carrasella for climbing with me this year.

Summit #2

I successfully made it to the summit of Mt. Rainier again and am very excited.  It is so amazing how different the mountain can look and how different the weather conditions can be.  Last year was beautiful, warm, and very windy at the top only but this year started out beautiful but got worse the higher we went.  It was so cold at Camp Muir that I had to borrow an extra big parka from a climbing guide coming down.  The wind was bad going all the way up from Camp Muir which made it much colder and we couldn’t see a thing from the top.  Last year it was as far as the eye could see.  I learned so much on this climb and will be much better prepared for next years climb.  My body is still very tired but I feel very good.  I need to go for now, but will add more later this week and photos.  Thanks for following me as I “Climb 4 Kids”.