I can’t believe climb #4 is already here and “Climb 4 Kids” #2

Here we go again!  It is very exciting not only to climb again, but to have 3 other climbers with me as we “Climb 4 Kids”.  Jack, Allen, and Daniel are climbing with me and we are all doing a great job raising support for orphans in Guatemala and the poverty stricken village of Rodeo de Jalapa.  You can go to my business website thepurimgroup.com and click on our non-profit tab Merry Hearts and see a couple videos and photos of my recent trip to Guatemala and see the progress.

My progress for getting in shape was definietely less than past years but had a great training up Mt Si in less than 2 hours with 40 lbs on my back.  That has got me to the summit everytime.  I pray for great weather which looks like we have, believe it or not I hope it is not too hot!

We go up this Tuesday the 9th and will summit around 7am on Thursday and be back in my car around 4pm.  I’ll post with photos when we get back.

Thanks for your prayers, it’s always fun but NEVER easy.


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