I’m Ready to GO!

I am having senioritis big time.  I am tired of training and I just want to climb.  Well soon enough anyway.  I climb on July 5 and will start about 10am and get to Camp Muir around 4pm.  I will relax and have dinner and go to sleep around 10pm and wake up around 6am.  Have breakfast and some rope training and move to the next camp at Ingraham flats by 12pm.  I will have lunch and relax and rest until 12 midnight and reach the summit around 6 or 7am.  be there for about an hour hopefully and come all the way down by about 3pm Sat.  I will drive home and SHOWER then hug and kiss the wife and kids then go to my favorite mexican restaurant and then go to bed for 2 days.  

I am very excited that the weather looks very good since it has been a very tough season.  Not very many climbers have been able to make it to the summit so far this year.

I am also very excited as the orphanage is excited also for what this is all about in the first place.  If you didn’t know I am climbing to raise money to buy the orphanage building Guatemala.  if you would like to sponsor me any amount per foot the kids will be much appreciated.  You can call me at 253-312-1955.

I look forward to posting on Saturday when I get back from the top.


C4K 2012

Maybe I told you maybe I didn’t but Karen and I have made climbing Mt Rainier an annual event, Me climbing and Karen and the kids supporting me.  You may have read about the non-profit Karen and I started with the main goal to put smiles on kids faces.  Climbing Rainier is the fundraising outlet that we have found to be able to do that and we hope you can help us help others.   Call us for more details on how to support, but for now I want to keep you as involved with the climbing process as possible. 

I will be climbing in less than 1 month and I am in full training mode.  I am doing a 3 day climb on July 5-7.  I feel really good as my training was stepped up for this last month because it is crunch time.  I honestly only started a light training about 3 months ago and it is only been in the last month and a half that I really stepped it up with a trainier.  I really don’t need a trainer but I use one to save time.  I can workout in half .the time with a trainer because then I don’t have to spot someone.  Even though I am in crucnh time, I am doing a lighter work out than last year.  I am trying to find that balance between working out too much and too little.  I have 16 guys climbing next year in our fundraiser and I am trying to get a good gauge for everyone.

I have been doing Mt Si for the last 4 Sat’s and I have been able to get up in less than 2 hours with 40lbs on my back.  I am going to try to climb Mt Si later today and try to get there in 1:45.  I feel that will be a good test because I have had some good workouts this past week and it’s a beautiful which helps.

I will keep you posted and THANKS for your support.  Call 253-312-1995 to support Merry Hearts and C4K2012 

Merry Hearts & Climb 4 Kids

Merry Hearts is a non-profit organization that we created to give “A hand up for those in need”; it’s focus is 3-fold: Single Mothers, Orphans in Guatemala, and married couples desiring to adopt or having fertility issues.

I had a friend once tell me, “If you want to know what the weight of the world feels like, go ask a single mother”. We can’t solve all of a single mothers issue’s, but we can make sure that the kids and she have a fun Christmas.

My wife, Karen, and I have  a beautiful little girl that we adopted from Guatemala named Sophia. Unfortunately, Guatemala is not open for adoptions anymore so there are many children in orphanages right now.

My wife, Karen, and I’s own desire to have children had us at a fertility clinic for several years and we were blessed with Matthew. We unfortunately witnessed many families not only leave  disappointed, but with desires so strong to have children at any cost, also leave financially in debt.

501-3c tax staus for tax deductions will be available soon.


“Climb for Kids” will be my annual fundraiser for Merry Hearts. I was able to climb Mt. Rainier this summer for my own personal reasons, but will now climb it every year for kids. My goal will be to find 7 more people who would also like to “Climb for Kids”. You are allowed to have 8 climbers per permit, so if we each raise $1 a foot in sponsors, we will each raise $14,410.00 (Mt. Rainier is 14,410 feet). This will allow us to raise over $100,000 a year for “Merry Hearts”. If you would like to be 1 of the 100 people to sponsor me 1¢ (or more) a foot which will be $144 for reaching the summit, the kids will be much appreciative. The next “Climb for Kids” is  July 5-8, 2012.


I made it, I made it, I made it!

There is so much to say, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m sure you have seen the weather change for the worse yesterday.  Well, we got it first just before the summit with 50 mile per hour winds and by the time we got down huge storm clouds were forming.

we started out for Camp Muir at 10am on Saturday and reached Muir in 6 hours.  I did it in 5 hours last time, but this was ascheduled 3 day climb so it has a slower more enjoyable(if that’s possible) pace.  We had great relaxing time and they(Alpine Ascents) cooked us a great meal.  At dinner the guides told us that we had a rare chance at a Sunset climb instead of a Sunrise climb because the weather looked great.  What that meant was instead of jut moving up to the next higher camp(Ingrahm Flats 1,100 feet higher) and then resting until 12am Sunday Morning, we would get up at 6am and move to Ingrahm flats and hang out and rest until 1pm Sunday and then go for a Sunset summit climb.  They said we would all have to agree to do it because we had signed up for a 3 day to get more rest.  Well the idea to get to climb in daylight the entire time and having several hours of rest before the hardest part convinced us to do it.  It was such a  beautiful day I literally climbed in a long sleeve T-shirt type and thin hiking pants all the way to what I believe they call high break at around 13,300.  Yes the sun was out but we had a cool breeze that kept it perfect.  All of a sudden the wind picked up and I added two layers.  I was shocked it could change that fast.  We got to the summit an hour later and could only stay for 5 minutes because the winds were really strong  and we could see the storm coming.  Because the winds were so strong we had to climb in the dark for about an hour back to camp(Ingrahm Flats) and got back around 10pm.  By 11pm we were in tents and would head all the way back down at 8am Monday morning.  We got NO sleep.  The winds were kicking our little 2 person tents like they were nothing, but they stood up.  This might sound crazy, but it was kind of fun.  I was in a -20 degree sleeping bag and was toasty warm and you knew you were pretty much safe.  Well we got up and got going and we stopped off at Muir for some quick oatmeal and we were told had we not done a Sunset climb we would not have attempted the summit at the scheduled 12am Sunrise climb.  There is a Ranger station at Camp Muir and they were calling for 70 mile an hour winds with 5 inches of new snow above 13,000 and 1/2 inch of rain below 13,000.  No team went up after us and 2 teams that only made it to Muir had to turn around and went back down with us.  I feel totally blessed.

Thank You all for following me.  I will right more and when I learn to add pictures if you can I will post some great pictures that I took so keep checking.  Can you believe that have to get on a plane tomorrow morning and now walk around Sea World and Disneyland for the next few days.  Mt Rainier was only my warm up for my 9 and 4 year this week.  Be Praying for me.


I am on my way to Mt. Rainier in about 5 minutes.  I had a great week of workouts.  I met my climbing team yesterday and I am climbing with a Fred Hutchinson “Climb for the Cure” team and they all seem very nice; they better be, we may need to rescue each other (Ha Ha)!  I will be back on late Monday, so I will see you then.

Coming into the home strech!

I had some great workouts this week at Bally’s, but no Mt. Si this weekend.  I was really pleased with my last climb there, so I stayed with hard cardio workouts.  I’m so excited for this weekend.  I already have my pack ready to go.  I will meet the group on Friday and then we will climb Sat-Mon.  I will workout everyday this week except Friday, so you will probably not hear from me again until after the climb.  Till then.

Thomas Beckworth

2nd Chance

I had a great work out today.  I was up Mt Si in my fastest time.  1 hour and 45 minutes with almost 50 lbs on my back.  Now I must say Mt Si does seem easier now that I have done 2/3 of Mt Rainier.  Whoever told me that Mt Si is like going to Muir is dead wrong.  I don’t know if it’s because you are looking up to the top of Rainier but getting to Muir (Mt Rainier half way point) is NOT the same as going to the top of Mt Si.  It is a great work out, but definitely not a good gage to tell if you are ready.  I also had some great workouts at Bally’s this week.  What I am doing is mostly cardio.  3 minutes of hard running to get me breathing hard and then walk it off for 2 minutes.  I do that for about an hour to work on my lung capacity.  It seemed to have helped me today on Mt Si because I felt the best I ever have as I was going up.   By the way I was able to move my 2nd climb up to Aug 20-22 instead of Sep 1-3   Till next time.

Journey, not destination

Thank you all for following what I will now call my Journey.  First off, I did not make it to the top.  It was very dissapointing to have to turn back, but I learned soooo much.  So much that I am booked to do it again on Sep 1,2,3. Now, I must say that I did have alot of fun!  I never mentioned who I got to climb with which was amazing in itself, but when we got to climbing morning we had an additonal world class climber.  I was able to climb with Ed Viesturs (Arguably the top climber in the world), Peter Whittaker (Nephew to Lou Whittaker, the first American to climb Everest), and then Melissa Arnot (the top female climber in the world – she just got off Everest for the 3rd time a month ago) jumps out of the van to greet us with Ed.  It was unbelievable!  And then when we were climbing up to Camp Muir, Phil Ershler was coming down.  He’s climbed Everest over 400 times.  Ed and Peter both said this was one of their mentors.  So what Ed, Peter, and Melissa were to us, Phil was to them, so we knew we were in the presence of someone special.  Then when we were coming down we ran into Dave Hahn another world class climber and who is great friends with Ed and Peter and just got off Everest with Melissa.  It was ridiculous who we got to meet. 

As far as the climb itself I’m not quite sure what happened.  On climbing day we left Paradise at 10am and got to Camp Muir in 5 hours, which was really good and I felt really good.  We ate, prepared for the morning climb, and got to bed at 6pm.  I was able to get about 2 hours of sleep which is actually pretty good.  We ended up getting up at 11pm, ate, and took off at midnight for the summit.  I felt as good as one could when we took off.  We took off across the Cowlitz Glacier and got across fine, but when we went up the Cathedral Gap alot of the snow had melted and we had to walk up rocks and sand and it was like trying to run out of quicksand and we had just started out.  We got to Ingraham flats and took a break and for some reason I already knew I was in trouble.  I knew I was way too tired for just starting out the second and hardest day.  I have no excuses, but I don’t even have an aswer to what happened.  I was right behind Melissa on her rope and she was checking up on me and she told me the next day that physically I could make it and that wasn’t the issue (I will say here that when I decided to turn back, it was right after I almost pulled Melissa into a crevasse. She was about 15 feet ahead of me leading the rope and I stopped to take a deep breath and it pulled her back just as she was stepping over a crevasse, which I didn’t know or could even see.  She very nicely called out to me, “Thomas can you please keep coming, I am stepping over a crevasse”.  I got over the crevasse and then so did Chip behind me and our 2nd guide Ben who was at the end of the rope.  I took about 20 more steps and made sure everyone was over the crevasse and then called out to Mellisa and told her I was done.  I didn’t want to put anyone at risk again).  Ben took me back down and what a class act.  He made me feel as if I had made it to the top as we were going back to Camp Muir.  He had mentioned that sometimes people who have never climbed at night can have a problem with that.  I don’t know if that’s it, or the fact that I barely ate any breakfast.  I asked Ed what his thoughts were because He had seen me on the way to Muir lagging a little bit he called me out and I picked it up and he said he was impressed to see me pick it up so quick.  I stayed in back on purpose and would go as slow as they would let me.  Even Peter said I had the best techniques of the group, so I wasn’t sure what it was.  Ed had mentioned before that climbing is 50% physical and 50% mental and he said I very well could have psyched myself right out of the summit, because everything else was there and it didn’t make sense.  Even Melissa told me that I just may not have been aware of what I was getting into at first, but now that I know she told me to get back up in 2 weeks. 

Yes I had to quit, but I am not a quitter; that’s why I am already booked again.  I will say that I am doing a 3 day climb instead of a 2 day climb.  Instead of going to Camp Muir day 1 and then summit day 2, I will go to Camp Muir day 1, go to Ingraham flats and camp there day 2, and go for the summit day 3.  Ed told me, “Thomas, climbing is a journey”, and I told him, “I’m into the destination”, he said,”that might be why you missed it”.  So I am going to enjoy the “Journey” more with a 3 day trip instead of a 2 day trip. 

Stay tuned for our next climb

Here I go!

It’s Monday morning and it is DUMPING rain. I will be heading out to Ashford, WA where I will be meeting the rest of the team for dinner tonight.  We will be training tomorrow and then go up on Wed and come down on Thur.  I feel good; I had a couple of good workouts at the gym this past week and then fell ill and didn’t do much at all to conserve my energy.  I feel 90% which I am excited to at least be there.  I’ll see you when I come down!